There are perfume brands that have long become legendary and it took them several decades. And it is already clear that these brands have a great future, because they have taken a worthy place even against the background of the most powerful competitors. One of these aroma brands that is gaining momentum right now is Montale. If you look into any online store of original fragrances, then the probability of finding this name there tends to 100%. 

We offer Montale perfume samples and cologne decants to  those who want to expand their fragrance collection with the aroma that perfectly emphasizes their inner world.

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Montale is a luxury perfume, but at the same time it is quite accessible to many customers and costs much cheaper than dozens of European brands. The explanation is simple: the company does not conduct large-scale promotions, it exists one hundred percent thanks to the already earned impeccable reputation. And Montale never follows the fashion and trends that other aroma brands adhere to. New perfume samples often go against everything that appears on the market, that is the reason why this brand has so many fans — because you always want to stand out against the background of similar and easily recognizable colognes.

How the Brand Appeared

Parisian Pierre Montal, the creator of the brand, moved to Saudi Arabia in 2001. It was there that he began to create a unique perfume, working with the royal family of Qatar, as well as developing his own salons in Dubai. Initially, Montal had a goal to create products that would be used only by selected buyers — wealthy, with a special taste, that is, real connoisseurs of something unusual. Pierre had no idea that his creations would gain popularity very quickly — and world fame would be received already in 2003. This year, Montal takes several of his fragrances to an exhibition in Paris, after which they appear at fashion shows. And from there, Montale colognes disperse all over the world in the shortest possible time. It is worn not only on special occasions, but also as an everyday fragrance. What was conceived as a product for the elite, very quickly became the favorite flavors of thousands of people.

The Influence of the East on Montale Perfumes

The fact that the Parisian perfumer created his fragrances in Saudi Arabia, of course, left a serious imprint on the result. So, one of the key ingredients of many compositions was agarwood oil. This component smells deep and smoky. Many people note that it has not only a woody, but also a balsamic aroma. Such an ingredient is very common in oriental perfumery, so Montal actively used it for his products. 

Buy Montale Samples from Decant Store

Thanks to the stylish packaging, Montale attracts the attention of not only connoisseurs of the perfume itself, but also those who buy many fragrances just for the sake of the bottle and in order to add something non-standard to the collection. Montale cologne is a combination of Oriental chic and European elegance, as well as the opportunity to always remain in the spotlight. If you are looking for something unusual and memorable, then there will definitely be a good solution among the products of this store. Order samples decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle. Moreover, the company offers interesting compositions for both women and men. There is no less demand for unisex options, which are equally well revealed on representatives of different sexes.