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The opulent collection of prestigious fragrances and Eau de Parfums being offered by Creed since 1760 are unrivalled in Style, Quality and Sophistication. They’re truly a creed apart! Carrying in them a legacy that spans across centuries and generations, Creed’s acclaimed perfumes are scrupulously hand-crafted to impart an entirely exclusive experience to those who stand apart. From serving noblemen and kings to statesmen and presidents, Creed’s legacy is rooted in extravagance and glamor. It is fragrance for the most discerning and niche amongst us. Its authentic collection of perfumes ranges from the masculine yet contemporary Aventus to the bold and elegant Royal Oud. Creed has a fragrance for a plethora of unique experiences. Creed offers brand’s samples and perfume decants to the perfume connoisseurs to give a taste of its distinguished and luxurious experience.