Thanks to the exclusive line of fragrances, you can continue the classic look of a successful and self-confident person. Chic men’s perfumes represent a variety of woody shades and spicy notes. Montblanc women’s colognes stand out for their unpredictable sound and character. The perfume samples assortment includes luxurious evening, spicy oriental compositions, and light floral and fruit motifs.

Where It Started

In 2001 the company together with the famous perfumer Corin Koshen introduced the first perfume sample named Presence for . The new cologne was created for stylish, intelligent, bright personalities and belonged to the group of oriental spicy fragrances. The creator put three types of notes into the basis of the eau de toilette. The top notes combine the aromas of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and bergamot. The middle notes are a combination of green apple, heliotrope and sage. As a base, the perfumer took the scents of teak and sandalwood trees, as well as white musk, amber and tonka beans.

Eau de toilette from Montblanc is always unique and inimitable. With each new fragrance, the company takes a step towards the individuality and impeccable taste of its owner. And their perfumes, as well as the world-famous writing materials of this brand, which have been awarded a place on the desktop of presidents of various countries of the world, strive to be an indispensable attribute of a modern and successful person. The authors of the brand’s cologne collections reflect in their works all the versatility and brightness of the life of modern society. 

The Century Old History

Thirteen unique fragrances have been released since the very beginning. Suitable for everyday use in the office or on vacation, as well as for special events and romantic evenings. The company’s perfume production is gaining momentum every year, and the brand, which has its representative offices in most civilized countries of the world, signs contracts with the most experienced and renowned fragrance designers. Therefore, it is safe to say that in the future there will be a great many exclusive aroma compositions with a rounded six-pointed star on an elegant bottle.

Buy Montblanc Samples from Decant Store

You can can choose a sensual and solemn Femme de Montblanc, an energetic Individual, a philosophical Presence Cool or a luxurious and refined Presence D’une femme. Order samples decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle. This perfume makes it possible not to change yourself and at the same time be on top in any situation.

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