If there is a divine principle in perfumery, then the name of the most important deity sitting proudly on Olympus is Christian Dior. Who else could have done so boldly with the fashion world and skillfully embody the magic of lace, the shine of brocade and the captivating transfusion of crinoline in fragrant compositions, and putting it all together, add a drop of poison, of course, not literally, but figuratively. Today it will be difficult to calculate the total number of fragrances and aroma products released since the creation of the brand. It is even more difficult to imagine that there is a woman who has never heard of a famous brand, or a woman who would not dream of buying a coveted bottle. 

We offer Christian Dior perfume samples and cologne decants to those who want to own the secret of a love potion in their fragrance collection.

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Christian Dior’s perfumery creations have turned a woman into a real temptress, and it is impossible to resist this crushing force, because inside her, as in Eve, have combined two powerful principles – the divine and the human. Even a small perfume sample inside the bag of a woman can turn her into a femme fatale with only one drop on her skin.

Woman is a Muse

Dior for women is a temptation that is impossible to resist. Ladies, who possess the cherished bottle of this cologne exude feminine charm. Christian Dior is a perfume where charm, beauty, love, passion and tenderness have found their exceptional embodiment, so each new creation of the brand is perfection in the world of redolence, and, receiving their attention and recognition, they become a legend and that classic fragrance, without which the collection of women’s perfumes will never be considered complete. These wonderful and captivating fragrances are what  every woman dreams of, and absolutely everyone can find something of their own in this collection. 

Wearing Christian Dior Perfume

Christian Dior is a perfume that enchants with a gentle poison, inspiring and daring, playing with sensations and fulfilling desires. These impeccable-sounding fragrances will certainly be chosen by a sensual and emotional woman who knows what she needs and is ready to achieve her goal. She will not seek compromises, because her wishes always come true and the power of love helps her in this. 

Choosing a scent that perfectly embodies her beginning, she will demonstrate to everyone that she is in love and is ready to enjoy moments of happiness every minute of her life. A woman immersed in the fragrant transparent cloud of this aroma is in love with life and beauty, thereby attracting the enthusiastic glances of men. Inspiring them, she becomes the embodiment of femininity and charm, allowing her to appear today in the image of a gentle and romantic stranger, and tomorrow – a fatal beauty. This is the magic that every perfume of a well-known brand is endowed with, so it is almost impossible to resist such a temptation. 

All these fascinating fragrances and colognes are united by one thing – high-quality ingredients and a persistent sound, and the style and elegance inherent in the brand allowed them to gain recognition not only for women, but also for men, for whom Christian Dior also created a unique collection. The Dior collection represents the standard of impeccable taste with a subtle addition of charm. 

Buy Christian Dior Perfume Samples from Decant Store

It is impossible to find a worthy replacement for these fragrances that are ideal in their composition and quality. They were created to bring harmony, beauty and perfection to this world, and their main merit is that they cope with their mission flawlessly. Each fragrance of the brand is a perfect combination of unsurpassed taste, high quality, persistent sound and strict elegance. Just order samples of the preferred size, hand decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle and add a symbol of perfection to your aroma shelf.