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Since 1919, the famous British company Bentley has been producing exclusive cars. For many representatives of the stronger sex, the brand name alone evokes a charmingly mythical smell of success. Now the legendary automobile concern has decided to turn the dreams of many men into real fragrances. The first fragrances were released in 2013. The authors of the unique aroma bouquets are famous French perfumers Natalie Lorson and Mylene Alran, who managed to develop not just pleasant, harmonious compositions, but to embody all the company values in them. Created perfumes are distinguished by extraordinary chic, luxury and uncompromising. They can be used as evening, sports and daytime fragrances. Company’s main aspiration to saturate the men’s perfume market with an expressive, prestigious line of colognes. Their colognes embody maximalism and elegance. They are a necessary attribute of a modern man – active and at the same time sensual. Bentley’s fragrances are in perfect harmony with the chrome elements of the bottles, which once again remind of the elitism of the brand. 

The Story of Brand Creation

Since 2013, when the first Bentley eau de toilette for men was introduced, the fragrances have won a number of fans not only among car lovers. Their success is due to first-class raw materials and iconic design.

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Experience the authentic sense of luxury with this perfume. Elegance, sophistication and prestige, as well as traditional methods, complemented by the most modern trends, combine not only the cars of the British brand, but also its exceptional flavors. Treat yourself to a piece of British elegance with Bentley perfume by choosing samples in your preferred size, hand decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle.