Yves Saint Laurent embodies grace and charm that is created under the influence of a talented designer of the same name. These are bold extraordinary collections that are ahead of their time, which take your breath away. This is a name with an amazing story that is full of ups, downs and tragic moments. To create truly masterpiece of aroma compositions, the brightest and most creative perfumers of our time were involved. 

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At the moment, the copyright holder of YSL perfumes is the concern of L’Oréal. From 1964 to the present, about 200 quite diverse fragrances have been produced under the Yves Saint Laurent brand. “Good perfumes are like a good dress: you want to wear them without taking them off,” is a famous quote by Saint Laurent about colognes.

How It Started

At the age of eighteen, Yves Saint Laurent joined the Christian Dior fashion house, and three years later, when Dior passed away, he became his successor. Dior himself made this choice, seeing in the young man an unconditional talent. Saint Laurent created only a few collections for Christian Dior – he was drafted into the French army and sent to Algeria. After returning to Paris, he opened his own fashion house.

Yves Beauty

Very soon, fragrances were added to the fashionable creations of Yves Saint Laurent. “Even the most exquisite outfit requires at least a drop of perfume. Only they will give the image completeness and perfection, and they will add charm to you,” Saint Laurent said when he introduced the women’s fragrance Y. in 1964. It was called the invisible dress of Yves Saint Laurent, and advertised as the best of what is in perfumery, combined in one letter. Now there is also a  cologne with this name in the brand’s line, but it is already intended for men.

Following the women’s fragrance, a man’s perfume saw the light. The launch of the Pour Homme fragrance took place in 1972. It was a sensation with a scandalous connotation. A furore was made by an advertising shoot in which the designer appeared in person — and in the nude. And if at that time the reaction of the public was outrage, today the picture with the couturier is considered one of the masterpieces of photography. Currently, the Yves Saint Laurent collection has five aroma lines for men and seven for women.

He continued to experiment with perfumes. In 1977, after the release of the Chinese clothing collection, a provocative Opium appeared, the release of which Saint Laurent noted with an opium party on the ship Beijing. It is not surprising that the cologne was banned in some countries.

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Nowadays the Yves Saint Laurent perfume line still holds the position of fame in the global aroma market. The last of the cologne created by the world-famous designer and perfumer is Elle. All the fragrances of Yves Saint Laurent deserve separate and close attention, since the soul, the inner world of its creator is invested in each new scent. And this world has always been and remains bright, energetic, sunny and warm. Order samples decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle and just make sure.