By Kilian is an eco-luxe parfum brand by Kilian Hennessy from Paris. The brand has a plethora of assortments and collections, each offering a unique experience of affluence and grandeur. The L’Oeuvre Noire Collection revives the spirits of French romantics, begetting an unparalleled blend of luxurious fragrance and an unwavering personality. ’In the Garden of Good and Evil’ collection reignites the deepest passions for the forbidden pleasure. Through an authentic experience, these perfumes carry one to the garden of Eden, promising to satiate the secret desires. The Arabian Nights collection, employing five olfactive harmonies, symbolizes the legacies of the Eastern royalty. Similarly, the Asian Tales collection, with its unique scents, pays homage to entirely distinct culture.

The offered perfume samples and hand-handled fragrance decants also satisfy the romantic wants of perfume connoisseurs.

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Perfume is a significant part of the modern image, so many people pay a lot of attention to how they smell, how their scent reflects the peculiarities of mood and even character. It is not surprising that from time to time there are aroma brands that literally shoot out and bring some very special, new sound options to the world of perfumery. If you look into a store that sells fragrance samples, you will find relatively young, but absolutely successful BY KILIAN.

The Beginning 

The history of this brand is interesting because it was created by a descendant of the most famous winemakers and creators of the trading house Hennessy. The grandson of legendary businessmen, whose products are known all over the world, did not just become a continuation of the family business and did not wallow in the life of a major who simply reaps the fruits of what was done before him. Kilian Hennessy took a completely different path. He entered a linguistic university and studied languages. It is interesting that this is what led him to the cause of his life. The young man chose a very unusual topic for his dissertation, which was related to the sense of smell.

After graduation, Kilian worked for many years with such major brands as Paco Rabanne, Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior and Giorgio Armani. None of them needs any introduction — they have all become legends for a long time. And, it would seem, it was the experience of such large brands that the young creator had to adopt in order to further embody it in his products. But the situation was exactly the opposite: a perfumer from a noble family was only disappointed in how major market players create their products. Hennessy himself believed that perfumes are a work of art, a real masterpiece, and therefore it is necessary to approach their creation accordingly. 

A special approach to scents pushed Kilian to open his own brand. It was launched in 2007 – the centenary of his ancestor and namesake Kilian Hennessy.

The success of the first collection 

Companies that only present their products on the market often focus on one fragrance — and already create the rest based on the results of its sales. Kilian acted differently. He presented three smells to the public at once. It was a single collection that he dedicated to the most important feeling in a person’s life — love. Moreover, the perfumer did not just create complex aroma compositions — he added a little intrigue and accompanied each fragrance with phrases with subtext. Each buyer puts something of his own into this subtext — this is the meaning of the collection about love: it reminds customers of what is important and valuable for them. 

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According to the brand vision, perfumes should be well recognizable, weighty, and leave a pleasant cloud behind. The compositions are always something complex, multicomponent, elegant. You won’t find simple, easy solutions that are clear from the first time — the fragrances of this brand need to be carried out, solved, some of them need to be agreed with before they give the perfect effect. Just order samples decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle and be a part of this work of art.