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By Kilian is an eco-luxe parfum brand by Kilian Hennessy from Paris. The brand has a plethora of assortments and collections, each offering a unique experience of affluence and grandeur. The L’Oeuvre Noire Collection revives the spirits of French romantics, begetting an unparalleled blend of luxurious fragrance and an unwavering personality. ’In the Garden of Good and Evil’ collection reignites the deepest passions for the forbidden pleasure. Through an authentic experience, these perfumes carry one to the garden of Eden, promising to satiate the secret desires. The Arabian Nights collection, employing five olfactive harmonies, symbolizes the legacies of the Eastern royalty. Similarly, the Asian Tales collection, with its unique scents, pays homage to entirely distinct culture. Addictive State of Mind gratifies the wearer by arousing an intense feeling of pleasured stupefaction. 

The offered Perfume samples and hand-handled perfume decants also satisfy the romantic wants of perfume connoisseurs.