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ACQUA DI PARMA Heritage and Way to Success

The Acqua di Parma brand originated in 1916 in the center of the old town of Parma. Here, in a local perfumery, a master created a cologne with an unexpected portion of the modern scent. Perfume with a light and fresh aroma that differed from strong and relatively aggressive fragrances of that time. 

Thanks to this alchemy, eau de toilette quickly became popular. In 1993, the rights to manufacture the brand’s sample products were acquired by Tod’s owner Diego Della Valle, ex-Ferrari functionary Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and the majority shareholder of La Perla Paolo Borgomanero. In 1998, the company opened its first mono-brand boutique in Milan, and in 1999, two years before the start of the deal with LVMH, it launched the Blu Mediterraneo line. 

After visiting Italy, many remain delighted with its extraordinary and exclusive notes that can tell a lot about who they belong to. Among the entire cologne assortment, you can find the most unusual perfume combinations that will appeal to the most demanding consumers till nowadays.

The Unique Style or Who Will Appreciate the Brand

Sharon Stone and Isabella Rossellini become admirers of this brand. The brand’s products can be purchased in such prestigious shopping centers as Saks Fifth Avenue and Galeries Lafayette. New fragrances are being created based on Colonia water, which has become a key product of the brand. These are women’s fragrances of Colonia Assoluta, Profumo, Iris Nobile and men’s – Lavanda Tonica.

The line of women’s perfumes is represented by citrus notes: orange, mandarin, bergamot. To give the intonation of tenderness, add magnolia, lily of the valley and jasmine. And to make the fragrance unforgettable, the perfume will be accompanied by a slightly perceptible woody trail.

The men’s series has the boldest solutions in its assortment. Among them are notes of lime, lavender collected in the mountains, spicy aromas of rosemary, rose, Jamaican pepper, cypress and nutmeg. All colognes are particularly resistant, which cannot go unnoticed among the male representatives.

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