The Versace phenomenon is exactly how fashion editors of leading publications characterize the entire creative path of the great fashion master. Some suggest that the success of the Versace brand was due to his commitment to men’s clothing lines, while others believe in a successful combination of running a family business and introducing innovative brand management ideas into the work. The founder of Versace himself explained the secret of his creative longevity in fashion with diligence, imagination, patience and breadth of soul. Any fragrance from Versace is an incredible elegance, pronounced sexuality, unique charm and impeccable style.

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The Versace fashion house is known not only for creating clothes and accessories. The perfumes produced by Versace are a choice of feminine and elegant lady with excellent taste. All fragrances are characterized by incredible durability and originality. Thanks to this, you can create unusual aroma compositions that will sound differently on different person. All products from Versace have a huge palette of smells. You can choose a perfume sample for any dress, season, character, occasion, etc.

The Beginning

The story of the brand began on December 2, 1946 in Calabria. A professional dressmaker Francesca Versace had a son Gianni. Since childhood, the boy spent most of his time in the sewing workshop where his mother worked. This was the main impetus for the formation of Gianni as a fashion designer in the future. At the age of 18, Gianni starts working in the same workshop and is engaged in creating his first clothing line. He manages to combine successfully all the fashion trends of that time. 

Gianni’s trips to France, England and Belgium played a huge role in studying the main trends of fashion of that time. Gianni worked in the workshop for six years and became very attached to this business. From his mother, he learned to professionally drape the fabric, not only to see, but also to feel how it lies down. One day, a rich Italian businessman called the atelier and offered the talented young man cooperation. This is how a new world famous story begins. 

Versace Perfumes 

The Versace house did not immediately engage in perfumery. The first aroma compositions appeared only in the 80s, after Gianni Versace achieved popularity and fame in the world of clothing. Within three years, 8 original perfumes were released in denim and colored bottles similar to bottles of soft drinks. At some point, the company concentrated on the production of fragrances and somewhat reduced its influence on the fashion market.

Among the classical compositions, one can note the elegant and transparent, charming with a delicate floral scent, Bright Crystal eau de toilette, it is considered almost the crown of the creation of the House of Versace. This perfume emphasizes sophistication and fragility, brightness and strength in a woman. The design of the bottle is grace, splendor and brightness of the composition.

Another famous women’s cologne is a classic, mysterious and mystical cologne Crystal Noir, a fragrance filled with sexuality and voluptuousness.

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By now, Versace perfumes have been produced for at least three decades, and about fifty unique fragrances have been released under the world-famous brand. The Versace fashion house has been and remains the standard of the highest quality and excellent taste for all modern fashion people. It creates trends and dictates the directions in which this field of art develops. We are ready to order samples decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle and find your own piece of Versace, making it an element of your outfit.