A true attribute of every woman who considers herself a stylish lady is her good aroma taste. Perfumes of Reyane Tradition have long become a symbol of an entire epoch, imbibing the spirit of the times. The fragrances were created specifically to become a manifestation of authentic femininity. 

We offer Reyane Tradition perfume samples and cologne decants to  those who want to expand their fragrance collection with the aroma that perfectly emphasizes their inner world.

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The history of the oldest perfume company goes back to 1709, when the world’s first cologne appeared. It was designed by Johann Maria Farina of Italian origin. The fragrance sample was named after its historical homeland- eau de Cologne which means perfumed water.

Where Cologne Started

It was thanks to this discovery and the name that Cologne became one of the most popular perfume cities, and the products of Cologne perfumers were ordered by the most famous courtyards of Europe. The manufactory, which gave the world perfume, developed over time and was modified, and the range of products also expanded.

This is how a niche brand was born, which has been known as Reyane Tradition since 1998. A descendant of Johann Maria Farina in the eighth generation, together with the most talented perfumers, successfully continues the work of his legendary ancestor. The brand’s products are successful all over the world, so connoisseurs of real masterpieces strive to acquire one of the unique aromatic delights, and all because all the fragrances are created from high-quality natural raw materials, and are recognizable by their fragrances, harmoniously composed compositions and the deepest plumes.

Buy Reyane Tradition Samples from Decant Store

This aroma brand produces high-quality luxury eau de toilette. The collection of Reyane Tradition is unusually large, and its fragrances are very diverse. From 2001 to the present days the public was presented with more than forty fragrances quite diverse in classification and extraordinary in the declared chords of notes of perfume compositions. Order samples decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle and start your own aroma collection.