Recently, there has been a real revolution in the perfume industry. Rasasi is the originality and exclusivity of elite colognes from the Arab Emirates that is gaining its popularity. Natural perfumes are full of secrets and mysteries. The scent will unfold throughout the day, playing the most controversial, contrasting and dizzying chords. This is a unique aroma composition that has a number of atypical features, allowing to achieve such an effect.

We offer Rasasi perfume samples and cologne decants to  those who want to expand their fragrance collection with the aroma that perfectly emphasizes their inner world.

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Niche Arab oil-based perfumes of this brand have conquered more than one woman’s heart. Which is not surprising at all, because the soft enveloping sound of perfume samples is designed to touch the most delicate spiritual strings, firmly cut into memory. The products belong to the luxury segment and sold in specialized boutiques. It is not accompanied by large-scale advertising or marketing campaigns being designed for a fairly narrow audience.

The Dream Comes True

The story of Arabic brand Rasasi began in the city of Dubai in 1979. Salim Kalsekar, a talented young man and already a successful businessman by that time, ignoring common stereotypes decided to realize an old dream and found his own aroma business in the largest administrative center of the United Arab Emirates.

Rasasi’s activities developed gradually, starting with a small family business. The young perfumer was well aware that a new undertaking requires the involvement of serious specialists, because in order to survive on the market, it is necessary to offer truly high-quality products, but it is incredibly difficult to do it alone.

Nowadays Rosasi

Nowadays, the Rasasi brand has become one of the largest suppliers of exclusive colognes on Earth. The company employs qualified designers, true perfumery artists, and their creations are made of rare, high-quality, expensive components. For hundreds of years, Arab scents have personified sensuality and warmth, relaxing bliss and sophistication for their users. The modern Rasasi brand has become a worthy successor of the Oriental tradition of the Middle East, thanks to its rich fragrances.

Aroma Way

The brand’s products are divided into two main types: traditional oriental oil-based fragrances and the so-called French Line, which includes alcohol-based perfumes aimed at European and American consumers. The Western direction of production also includes perfumed deodorants, roller deodorants, scented talc, travel kits, men’s aftershave skin care kits and miniatures of fragrances.

Aroma Bottles

The creativity of all Rasasi perfumers is subject to the unshakable law of this house. Aroma bouquets certainly combine ancient recipes of the mysterious East and innovative technologies of our time. Using the rarest and only natural ingredients, the masters of the brand achieve high durability and sophistication of perfumery products. And the unique, elegant bottles of each fragrance complete the charming picture.

In 2015, a collection of Boruzz fragrances was released. In 2016, Rasasi presented the La Yuqawam line dedicated to exotic flowers. In 2017, the company released a collection of four unisex Sotoori aromas, which featured a minimalistic design of bottles and packaging. A year later — Musk Hareer, Musk Naqaya and Musk Sharqi fragrances, as well as a line of four Qasamat colognes. 

Buy Rasasi Samples from Decant Store

Eau de toilette of Arab origin are in great demand. These colognes have something to be loved for. They differ significantly from other fragrances being more resistant and having their own imprint on the skin. The brand’s aroma palette is large enough that everyone can find a perfume that fits perfectly into the image and emphasizes individuality. Rasasi eau de toilette is one of the best choices and we are ready to propose samples decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle, your only task is to choose the size.