Mercedes has always been associated with traditional German quality, reliability, comfort and impeccable style, which is known to all connoisseurs of stylish and elegant things. The delicate but strong fragrance of Mercedes-Benz is designed to exalt and emphasize the personality of each owner. This is a story about self-confidence, elegance, passionate vitality and charming charisma in one cologne. 

We offer Mercedes-Benz perfume samples and cologne decants to  those who want to expand their fragrance collection with the aroma that perfectly emphasizes their inner world.

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Every woman strives to be beautiful, special and unique. Fashionable clothes, stylish hairstyle, perfect makeup, all kinds of accessories – all this, of course, helps a woman to be attractive and bright, but it is a well-chosen perfume sample that adds completeness to the image and makes a woman not just noticeable, but charming. It is believed that the creator of these colognes can read the deepest desires.

Mercedes-Benz Heritage

The story of the creation of the Mercedes-Benz brand goes back to the end of the 19th century. It was at this time that an unknown German engineer by the name of Benz created his first car with a gasoline engine. In 1883, Benz founded a company called Benz & Cie. After the merger in 1926 of the two most famous German companies producing vehicles, the joint concern began to produce cars under the name Mercedes-Benz. For many years, cars of this brand have been associated with luxury and wealth. 

One hundred and twenty-five years after the creation of the first car, the first eau de toilette was released under the Mercedes-Benz trademark, which was a dizzying success. The colognes of this company immediately took their rightful place in the world aroma market. The world’s most famous perfumer Oliver Cresp had a hand in creating the first Mercedes Benz scent. The products, under their logo, are the personification of aristocracy and luxury. Fragrances produced under the famous German brand Mercedes-Benz are an indicator of status and have a majestic sound.

Aroma Version

Mercedes-Benz perfumery is still very young, the company pleased its fans by releasing its first perfume for men, and the same year the presentation of the 1st Mercedes-Benz fragrance for women took place in Cannes, which the brand positions as a fragrance for ladies with a positive energy and broad views. At the same time, the Mercedes-Benz woman remains luxurious and elegant. French perfumer Michel Almairac was invited to create another aroma composition for women. Michel decided to choose a mixture of bergamot and peach in the initial notes for the new composition. He collected the heart notes from mimosa flowers, which gave the fragrance a somewhat new and modern perception. The aroma bouquet is based on musk, patchouli and vanilla. The design of the bottle of the female version of the cologne perfectly harmonizes with the style of the male perfume – strict clean lines of glass, topped with a massive silver cap.

Buy Mercedes-Benz Samples from Decant Store

When choosing a cologne, some try to follow fashion or buy perfumes used by a friend, and afterwards are disappointed. The fragrance that someone else liked so much turns out to be not quite what they expect. And the fact is that the same redolence on different people reveal themselves differently. When applied to the skin, they acquire an individual, slightly distinctive shade. For this reason, the same perfume does not suit everyone equally. We propose to order samples decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle and find your own, the only cologne.