Exquisite and sensual fragrances that can drive you crazy can be found under the MEMO brand name. Their perfume bottles became known to the aroma market recently, but managed to gain worldwide fame. Creators positions their masterpieces as unique and inimitable compositions. Memo specializes in niche perfumery, which is intended for a narrow circle of connoisseurs. 

We offer Memo perfume samples and cologne decants to  those who want to expand their fragrance collection with the aroma that perfectly emphasizes their inner world.

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These niche perfume samples are incredibly popular among celebrities and famous people. Memo colognes are valued for their unsurpassed quality and originality of fragrances. Both men’s and women’s variants are presented in the aroma collection. There were also unisex compositions that reflect modernity, dynamism and culture of modern fashionistas. 

When Two Hearts Meet

They were supposed to meet – his endless desire to travel, explore the world, discover new corners around the world and her uncontrollable craving for everything new, the ability to see ordinary things differently and the dream of teaching people to feel beautiful. Fate brought the adventurous Irishman John, whose heart kept the memory of his beautiful native land, boundless expanses and the beauty of untouched nature with the sensitive beauty Clara, who grew up among the snow-white beaches of hot Andalusia, washed by azure waves and harboring the secrets of the past monuments of culture and history of Spain.

Their hearts beat in a place where the earth smoothly turned into the sky, and the beauty was breathtaking. 2005 became a new starting point for two talented young people who saw the world in a special way, but equally. Their union gave the world not only a happy union, but also a new name in the world of perfume fashion – a name that connected the ability to smell with emotional perception. You hear what you remember and see what you feel.

Memo Story

In 2007, Clara and John decided to tell the world about their emotions and impressions through fragrances and created the Perfume House Memo Paris, which changed the view of aroma art. Having chosen a niche of selective perfumery, the couple puts into each fragrance a soul and memories of every corner of the vast universe – sometimes real, and sometimes imaginary, but it does it so uniquely that the notes woven into a single composition themselves lead to the right place – a country, a city, a lake, a mountain slope.

Memo perfume house offers truly unique compositions, the development of which is carried out by experienced masters of the fragrant business. They always take into account the needs of the modern consumer and include classic ingredients in their masterpieces, but in an unusual aroma combination. The formulas of the colognes are kept in strict secrecy. Therefore, they always make a real splash among connoisseurs of exclusive redolence. 

Brand Name Idea

The name is a reference to the word memories and each cologne in the MEMO collection was inspired by emotions and impressions from travel.

Ilha Do Mel – a trip to the island of the same name, sweet vanilla and rich notes of juniper.

Inle – Burma, where the absolute mate meets the essence of mint. 

Quartier Latin – vanilla pod in a glass of champagne as reflections on the heart of Paris.

Buy Memo Samples from Decant Store

Memo is not just a niche cologne, these are memorable, yellowed photos in an album, these are souvenirs dear to the heart, these are phrases and emotions that remain in the heart forever. There is a fragrance for every event, feeling and memory in the collections. Just order samples decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle and choose your journey through life with Memo.