Now the fashion house Lalique is a luxury on your dressing table. If you haven’t tried these high-quality, beautiful fragrances yet, you should do it as soon as possible. Lalique colognes are called extraordinary, fabulous and fantasy works of the aroma world. We are sure that you immediately fall in love with any Lalique perfumes from the first touch on your skin.

We offer Lalique perfume samples and cologne decants to  those who want to expand their fragrance collection with the aroma that perfectly emphasizes their inner world.

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The founder of the Lalique company, Rene Lalique, was born in 1860, on April 6. Rene created very unusual and dynamic works that were ahead of their time, and therefore his ideas were perceived ambiguously. However, later the master’s works were recognized as one of the outstanding in the jewelry art. The Lalique family, continuing Rene’s work, created real masterpieces. Every year the brand updates the design which guarantees its authenticity as a fragrance sample. The scent bottle is very important, because thanks to it, the essence and mood of the aroma bouquet contained in it is transmitted. 

The Starting Point of a Master Story

Rene Lalique’s career began in 1880, when he began accepting and fulfilling orders from the famous French brands Boucheron and Cartier. Rene Lalique began to create vases, and later jewelry. Rene conducted a large number of experiments with glass, achieving what other masters could not achieve. Until now, the recipe for creating opalescent glass is kept secret.

By the end of the 19th century, Rene Lalique was known not only in all corners of France, but also far beyond the borders of the country. Due to the fact that Rene had a lot of famous clients, he was able to open a jewelry salon after some time, which is located on Vendome Square. Lalique currently produces decorative elements, a variety of unique interior items and aroma compositions.

The Beginning of an Aroma Story 

Lalique Perfume history of the brand began in 1992 with the granddaughter of Rene Lalique – Marie-Claude, who invited perfumer Sophie Groisman. The same year, the brand released the debut fragrance Lalique de Lalique, the creator of the bottle was Marie-Claude. The femininity of this eau de toilette is in harmony with the subtle beauty of the bottle, which is a glass sphere. The bottle cap is decorated with a large number of butterflies that have flocked to this amazing cologne.

One of the most famous colognes is Lalique Amethyst, which is dressed in a purple aroma bottle made of thick glass, designed specifically for this fragrance. The aroma sample Lalique Encre Noire has become popular among men, which emphasizes both charm and emancipation at the same time. The cologne was developed by Natalia Lorson, because only a real woman knows what kind of smell real men should have.

The creations that the Lalique brand makes are becoming rare quite quickly, this applies both to the perfumes themselves and to the bottles for them. Rene Lalique created his first bottle in 1909, it was a bottle for the eau de toilette “Cyclamen” by Coty. Even now, the Nina Ricci brand puts its redolence in Lalique crystal bottles.

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Lalique perfume is a true value. It can be passionate and at the same time gentle, fresh and soft. Don’t hesitate and order aroma samples decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle. Lalique perfumes that were created by Rene and perfumers after him are love at first sight. These unique scent bottles are worth purchasing and staying on perfume shelves for a long time.