Currently, the hit of the fashion house is no longer shoes with a pointed nose and sandals, but biker boots and sneakers made of snakeskin. Jimmy Choo brand is no less famous for perfume. All the company’s fragrances are exclusive. Experienced perfumers work day and night to give us real perfumery masterpieces. The brand’s eau de toilette is able to give any person elegance, charm and originality. With cologne compositions you will be incomparable, you will be turned around in the wake! 

We offer Jimmy Choo perfume samples and cologne decants to  those who want to expand their fragrance collection with the aroma that perfectly emphasizes their inner world.

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The story of Jimmy Choo began in the dusty studio of the shoe master. Nowadays, a company with an annual income of more than $ 500 million, producing bags, shoes and perfume, which have become a sign of elegance and style, is very popular. And in the past, Jimmy Choo’s name was unknown to anyone, but due to his talent, endurance and experience, he glorified his name. His famous shoes and perfume samples are above all praise.

 Where Jimmy Choo brand Started 

Jimmy was born on the small island of Penang in 1948 in a family of shoemakers. From an early age, he was with his father in the workshop and just watched his dad fix shoes. This knowledge was very useful in the future. Jimmy made his debut shoes at the age of 11, he liked this business so much that in 1980 he went to college in London to study to work with leather. 

After three years of training, he decides to open his own women’s shoe store, which he made himself. The store was located in a small building of the London hospital. The room looked depressing: an old threadbare carpet and several wooden shelves with shoe samples. Due to the fact that Chu made exclusively high-heeled shoes with pointed toes and open shoes with heels, he was noticed. In fact, he occupied a free sphere, because at that time such shoes were produced only by the fashion house Manolo Blahnic. 

Jimmy was looked at not only by satisfied customers, but also by the heads of well-known publications. After the popular Vogue magazine published a photo of his work, Jimmy received the first wave of fame. A little later, he was noticed by Anushka Hempel, who invited him to work in her company of professionals to design shoes. It was this event that became the main thing in Chu’s life. Due to the new connections and the love of journalists for him, Chu received an offer from the commissioners of Kensington Palace, and an order to create shoes for Princess Diana’s social receptions.

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Jimmy Choo perfume is luxury, style and femininity enclosed in an original aroma bottle. Reviews of Jimmy Choo colognes are quite common – enthusiastic fans of the brand are happy to share their impressions. If you want to try the fragrance we propose you to order samples decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle and get a perfect addition to your clothing and accessories. By giving preference to Jimmy Choo fragrances, you will make the right choice which you will never regret.