Initio Parfums Prives is a niche French perfume brand launched in 2015. It belongs to the English company SAS & Company Ltd., which was founded in 2011 by Shelley Smyth together with several co-founders. The concept of the trademark was born back in 2014, when the owners of the company decided to develop two lines of perfumes with a bright emotional impact that increases magnetism and magical effects on others. To do this, the eminent perfumer Alberto Morillas was involved in the process.

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A year of close cooperation between the master and leading scientists was not in vain.  The result of joint creative work were fragrances based on miraculous formulas. The compositions are based on the nature of pheromones that affect people through the world of smells.

Inside the aroma bottle

The two series mixed invisible forces that provoke and change behavior. The brand creates those very unique molecules of instinct so that potential consumers can express their ambitions, transforming the silence of essences locked in vials into a provocative aura. Initio is two ranges combined into one universe:

  • The Absolutes Range – a set of perfumes developed from a mixture of the rarest ingredients, each of which is known for mystical properties;
  • The Magnetic Blends Range is a series that goes back to the basics of fragrances, to their sacred characteristics and includes compositions with irresistible charm.

Mysterious and magical compositions are enclosed in equally attractive packages: black impenetrable vials decorated with an arabesque that looks like a cipher. A single label at the top of the massive cap confirms the identity of each fragrance.

About the brand aims

Initio Parfums Privés revives its perfumes from ancient knowledge and ancient formulas – from those ancient times when perfumery was just beginning to emerge. In its fragrances, the brand uses only the highest quality raw materials, it is carefully selected in accordance with the perfume theme, aimed at activating the energy and strength of a person, as well as mental and emotional perception, an amazing effect of which occurs when the perfume hits the skin, mixing with the individual chemistry and unique aroma of the person himself.

Each perfume of the Initio Parfums Privés brand is the quintessence of science, religious beliefs and magic, it represents an intangible force that has the power to heal, purify, soothe, seduce feelings and cause love. The fragrance bottles are made in black, each bottle has an ornate pattern of gold or red hue, depending on belonging to one of the collections. And only the name of the perfume is indicated on the top of the side face of the bottle cap. Such an original design emphasizes the mystery of each perfume and invites everyone to solve its mystery independently.

The Initio brand represents a magical, but at the same time research-based approach to creating fragrances endowed with incredible power. Many years of collaboration between leading scientists and perfumers have led to the creation of a collection of fragrances with strong emotional power, enhancing natural magnetism and attractiveness. The INnitio brand creates fragrances charged with emotions that affect our mood and behavior. Unique molecules initiate various impulses, awaken emotions. 

About collections

Each ingredient of the perfume series Absolutes was carefully selected because of its specific properties and human impact. The compositions of this line are very simple and include literally a few notes, but they have a very strong effect, especially in combination with an individual fragrance and human skin. If the perfumes of the Absolutes collection are the result of the correct and accurate dosage of ingredients taken in accordance with ancient rules that take into account their aromatic power and strength, then the Magnetic Blend line represents a simple truth – smells affect the emotional state of a person.

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The company offers to plunge into the magical world, become your own alchemist and, by mixing different smells, create your perfect one. The rest of the information is specially veiled by the manufacturer and is kept in the strictest secrecy.  All brand fragrances from each new line can be worn separately as an independent perfume, or combined with each other, getting a new and more complex fragrance. Become a real Alchemist and create your own olfactory signature. Be unique. Dissolving on your skin, fragrances open up the horizons of endless adventures… They capture, excite and change fate. We propose to order samples decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle