The Hugo brand is focused on classical traditions and avant-garde trends, completely refuting the opinion of restrained and unemotional German fashion. Designers of the brand are constantly experimenting with cut and fabrics. Hugo collections are famous for asymmetry, oversize, bright color schemes and unusual prints. The first Hugo Boss cologne was released in 1985. This is a masterpiece fragrance, under the name Number One, belonging to the fougere group. Its author is the perfumer Pierre Varnier. 

We offer Hugo perfume samples and cologne decants to  those who want to expand their fragrance collection with the aroma that perfectly emphasizes their inner world.

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Hugo Boss is a German perfume brand, the leading activities of which are the production of fashionable clothes, various accessories and luxury perfumes. The Hugo Boss brand has presented to the discerning public more than seventy fragrances quite diverse in classification and extraordinary in aroma notes. Perfume samples are produced jointly with the world-famous Procter & Gamble company. 

The Beginning

Hugo Boss, the founder of the company, did not even imagine what would come of his idea when in the 20s of the last century he opened a small atelier for sewing overalls, raincoats, jackets, protective clothing and uniforms for workers and soldiers. The company had no name and labels, and some things were sold even without specifying the name of the manufacturer. In the Second World War, the workshop sews uniforms for the Nazis, using the labor of prisoners, and turns into a small factory.

Uniform remained a priority until the death of the owner of the company in 1948. His relatives, trying to expand the range, began sewing casual men’s suits, which helped the company become more or less famous in 6 years. Only 20 years later Hugo’s grandchildren managed to create a costume sensation in the global fashion industry, gain worldwide recognition and the right to be proud of the new trademark under the name Hugo Boss.



The fashion house on the market is represented by two brands: Boss and Hugo. Men’s and women’s clothing are produced under the BOSS brand. In turn, TM Boss is represented by lines:

  • Boss Orange, which includes casual denim clothing for both male and female audiences. With the release of the spring-summer 2018 collection, Boss Orange was renamed Boss Casual.
  • Boss Green, formerly known as Bosco Sport, includes clothes for active pastime, men’s suits and women’s clothing. From the spring-summer 2018 collection, it is known as Boss Athleisure.
  • Men’s and women’s clothing are produced under the Hugo brand. The collections are characterized by an avant-garde style, organically intertwined with fashion trends.
  • Boss Black Label, clothing for ladies, gentlemen and kids. The premium range is designed for work and leisure, has an ideal look, and meets the highest demands. Pure classics for business and prosperous people.
  • Baldessarini, outfits only for the wealthy. Spectacular fabrics, exquisite cut, classics of success and well-being.
  • Boss Selection is exclusively men’s luxury clothing. These are exclusive materials, high cost, first-class cut, handmade and constant success.

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