The secret of Dolce & Gabbana  success lies not only in the folds of the clothes they sewed, but also in the exquisite aromas that are worn together with these clothes. The fragrance from Dolce Gabbana is a magical combination of elegant luxury and intoxicating passion. For more than a dozen years, the company’s perfume has been among the top ten of the most fashionable colognes on the planet.

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The trends they are working on are immediately ahead of the whole planet. Therefore, the history of the Dolce & Gabbana brand is the story of two Italian designers who conquered the fashion world. The legendary duo instantly turns the clothes we have been familiar with for a long time into a work of art. You can’t list all the fashion merits of designers.  Moreover, Dolce & Gabbana perfume sample is great opportunity to declare your success and impeccable taste without further ado. 

The Founders of the Dolce & Gabbana 

The future fashion designer Stefano Gabbana was born in the Italian city of Milan. The boy grew up in a wealthy family and could afford the most expensive clothes. At that time, of course, he could not even imagine that he would soon create his own fashion collections. In the meantime, he was fond of drawing, studied design and graphics in college. After receiving the specialty of creative director, Gabbana did not know where to apply himself. But a future meeting that would soon change his life was just around the corner.

Gabbana’s future partner, Domenico grew up near Palermo. His family was by no means rich. The father of the future designer ran a sewing company. Since childhood, Dolce was a quick child and helped his parents at work. In his spare time, he liked to sew small suits. His parents offered to head the sewing company to his son when he grew up, but Domenico refused. He entered an art university and after that went to try his luck in the most fashionable city in Italy – Milan.

The History of the Brand

The history of the Dolce & Gabbana brand would not have taken place without the meeting of its masters. Both designers began working as assistants in the Milan atelier. They presented their first collection at Fashion Week together with representatives of other fashion brands. Of course, the first years of financial difficulties made themselves felt. For example, the sheets that Domenico brought served as a curtain on the podium. The clothes of the young brand were presented by friends and girlfriends of designers, not models.

Critics appreciated the debut of young fashion designers, but there was still no monetary success. Expenses exceed revenues, and the new brand was on the verge of bankruptcy. But the Dolce family saved the situation. His parents helped him to cope with the debts.

Aroma Collection

Nineteen fantastically strong compositions were created by specialists of the fashion house, and each of them is a bright event in the fashion world. All fragrances with the Dolce & Gabbana logo express a special mood, evoke certain feelings, subtly emphasize femininity or masculinity. Women’s perfume of the brand is always a beautiful, alluring, persistent fragrance, in which floral, spicy, fruity, oriental notes are intertwined. A woman dressed in such a cologne is beautiful and wayward, sexy and unapproachable. It is not for nothing that for many years women of all ages have been in love with the delicious fragrances of this brand. Men’s perfumes evoke a feeling of hidden passion. They sound woody, spicy, musky notes with chords of ambergris and tobacco, which envelop and warm. Such fragrances, overflowing with masculine energy, intrigue and fascinate women. 

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At the moment, the perfume collection is numerous. The earliest of them appeared in 1992, the latest in 2020. Such masters of perfumery art as Natalie Lorson, Jean-Pierre Marie, Max Gavarri and many others worked on the creation of fragrant essences. The current colognes of Dolce & Gabbana include such masterpieces of perfumery as: “The One”, “Sport”, “Light Blue”, “Dolce”, “Classic”, “Sicily”, “The One Rose”, as well as the original fragrances “Pour Homme” and “Parfum”. If you don’t have them in your aroma collection just order samples of the preferred size, hand decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle and start creating your new fashion lifestyle.