Serge Lutens is something that can’t be found anywhere else, it’s new in the perfume world. The creator devotes most of his time to creating new unique perfumes of his own name brand. These fragrances are loved for the noble sound, for the exciting and intoxicating effect, for optimism and a positive attitude.

We offer Serge Lutens perfume samples and cologne decants to  those who want to expand their fragrance collection with the aroma that perfectly emphasizes their inner world.

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Serge Lutens is not just a brand, it is a very loud and strong name of an amazing creative person who has been looking for new solutions all his life, who was a pioneer and independent creator in the fashion world. As for the brand’s eau de toilettes, it can be considered completely authorial and unique, it carries love and bright colors of the unusual and unknown. Each perfume sample emphasizes the individuality of its wearer. 

The Story of the Brand Creation 

The Serge Lutens brand did not initially appear as an independent brand. Creator, designer and artist Serge Lutens, working with the popular company Shiseido, has been releasing his creations in their stores since 1992. And all eau de toilettes were called Serge Lutens.

It was only in the 2000 that a full-fledged and independent brand was founded, which became known as Perfumes Beauty Serge Lutens for colognes of its development.

Serge Lutens always took his work very seriously. In addition to the development of new fragrances, the design of their aroma bottles and packages, he also engaged in advertising and PR events. For example, in order to present some of his new redolence, Serge shot special promo videos that he developed himself. Moreover, Lutans sometimes appeared in the frame himself or could read the advertising text for the video.

About two years ago in the spring Serge Lutans decided to sell the rights of his trademark Perfumes Beauty Serge Lutens to Shiseido, in which he continued to work since the eighties. Thus, he was able to retain for himself the already familiar position of art director of the most popular brand.

The Brand Nowadays

Lutens is a follower of strict French etiquette, melancholic by temperament. Now he lives in Marrakech in his own house-museum with a beautiful garden. All the fragrances that Serge creates are imbued with oriental mystery, sophistication and traditions that are intertwined with the Western world.

The brand’s colognes are produced for women and men of different ages and interests. Serge Lutens fragrances are rich in their bouquets, filled with history and different memories. The extracts included are among the best and are practically precious. Bottles of all flavors are combined with the contents, they look very harmonious.

Since 2000, many of Serge Lutens’ creations have been awarded the prize for an unusual concept. And in the summer of 2006, the perfumer received the honorary title of commander of the Order of Arts and Literature.

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Why some scents fit one and don’t fit another. The perfumer also has his own observations. Yes, of course, the magic of colognes is your character, temperament, what your feelings are, whether they coincide with those feelings of the perfumer who created them. But there are also features by which the correspondence of the perfume and its owner is created. This is the place where you live, your nationality, your food. That is why Serge Lutens thoughtfully approaches the choice of ingredients, as our skin influences the disclosure of fragrance notes. Order samples decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle and start your own aroma journey full of sensations.