Creative and unique in style of thinking and views of the world, Paco Rabanne is a fashion designer who conquered the world in the middle of the 20th century. The perfume compositions of the Paco Rabanne brand are an example of the sophistication of fragrances, the exquisite elegance of the current cologne bottles and the mystical subtext combined with the astrological hobbies of the great couturier.

We offer Paco Rabanne perfume samples and cologne decants to  those who want to expand their fragrance collection with the aroma that perfectly emphasizes their inner world.

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Paco Rabanne is a well–known French aroma brand named after its founder – designer of Spanish origin Paco Rabanne. Today, it is known for its extravagant clothes and high–quality perfumes, and the founder himself is also famous for his books, paintings and extraordinary thinking. The fragrance collection is regularly updated with fashionable novelties and fresh variations of classic colognes. The range of scents is very diverse, including variants for men and women.

About the Creator

Francisco Rabaneda-Cuervo (Paco Raban) was born on the eighteenth of February, the 34th year in a small Spanish town San Sebastian. After his father’s death the family decided to move to France in search of a better life. And since France is a place where fashion and supernova trends live. In France, Raban is studying architecture, but this is not what he wants. 

Own Fashion Way

Fate, however, knows his business and soon he starts creating jewelry and accessories for some of the most famous French fashion houses. In the list of names for which he has created, you will find giants such as Dior, Pierre Cardin, Balenciaga и Givenchy. Even then, his different look and rebellious spirit are revealed.

Paco Rabanne was inspired to create his own fashion collection. So, in the mid-60s, he presented his first models. It remains in history with the name 12 unworn dresses of modern materials”. Some critics were shocked, but others were impressed by the rebellious look and unconventional dresses. They are made of metal braids, resembling mail coats. For many years, they have remained a trademark and brought the brand worldwide recognition. Paco himself often says about himself that he is not just a designer, but an artist. Indeed, a large part of his collections are made of atypical materials such as metal, glass, plastic, which are processed by hand.

Aroma Way

The first perfume sample of Calandre was released in 1969. Iit was a feminine sweet-aldehyde fragrance. The male version of the perfume is Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, presented in 1973. Paco announced his retirement from his fashion house in 1999, and then the fragrance Ultraviolet was released. The complete collection of colognes includes 82 aromas. Lady Million fragrance has become a challenge to old collections being released in 2010. Paco Rabban redolences have an ingenious design and after many years the traditions of their production are preserved. The new generation of eau de toilette is no less attractive compared to the first lines of the famous brand.

Buy Paco Rabanne Samples from Decant Store

The composition of most fragrances is an experimental discovery with unexpected combinations of oils. We propose samples decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle, your only task is to choose the size. Citrus and geranium are mandatory in women’s lines, jasmine and lavender cocktails were prepared for men. The middle and base are cinnamon, patchouli and amber, but the top notes with spices and cranberries are not found in any other brand. Paco Rabanne perfume is a bold look into the future.