Each fragrance of Nishane perfume is designed with special care, as a tribute to various emotions and moods that you want to keep in your memory. Ingredients and components for cologne compositions are collected all over the world — the basis of the brand’s quality is the use of only high—quality, natural, original components. This provided the company with the love of parfmaniacs on all continents of the Earth.

We offer Nishane perfume samples and cologne decants to  those who want to expand their fragrance collection with the aroma that perfectly emphasizes their inner world.

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Nishane is the first and only niche perfume brand originally from Istanbul, which is well known worldwide for its exceptional point of view on exclusive perfumery. The cultural heritage of Turkey gives the flavors uniqueness and exceptional meaning. The brand combines all perfume accords to fully satisfy the most refined tastes of connoisseurs of colognes. Nishane is convinced that by listening to any of the fragrance samples of their brand, you will be able to identify parts of Istanbul in it. Creating fragrances is a whole art. 

Brand Name Meaning

Nishane (from Turkish nisane) means a mark, a symbol, a sign. Thus, Nishane says that it is ready to become a symbol of value, as a unique and refined fragrance with elegant touches of its artistic collections of colognes that you apply to yourself or give to your loved ones. Nishane’s motto is to discover your own myth, create your own story.

Turkish Heritage

Nishane is a Turkish perfume house founded by brothers Mert Güzel and Murat Katran. Both are passionate lovers of mysterious fragrances and the rich heritage of the city in which they were born and grew up, the amazing city of Istanbul. There are scents about the Sea of Marmara, the Grand Bazaar market and even the oriental tradition of wiping hands with cologne before a meeting. 

Bright, concise and incredibly expressive compositions literally made the aroma community fall in love with themselves. The aroma house, little known outside Turkey, was talked about as one of the most prospective niche brands.

The Muse

The main source of inspiration for Nishan was and remains Istanbul, a city of incredible beauty with an unprecedented ancient history, which, like Sufi poetry, can be comprehended endlessly. Colorful, original and at the same time ambiguous, Istanbul conveniently formed the basis of the perfume legends of Nishan, explaining the diversity of flavors, sometimes soothing, then frankly gourmet, and sometimes even velvet-baroque. Thick, laconic aroma compositions, mainly consisting of simple and expressive components: spices, leather, tobacco, flowers and herbs — sometimes rare, like marigolds, sometimes familiar, like jasmine or tuberose.

This Turkish brand strives for almost complete naturalness, while it sounds quite modern, so much so that it can easily carry the title of a niche brand. According to Murat Katran, such a result is natural. After all, the creators of the brand wanted to show Istanbul as a city that can be both old and young, a crossroad of cultures, a mixture of European and Muslim traditions. 

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Despite the fact that the first line of Extrait de Parfum fragrances was presented for the first time at the Esxence exhibition in Milan in 2015, the brand has already managed to gain success and is represented in more than 45 countries around the world. Long-standing traditions, modern fashion trends and trends of cosmopolitan Istanbul found a reflection in the perfumery of Nishane. The flavors are distinguished by their uniqueness, complexity and high quality because only the best ingredients are used in their creation. Order samples decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle. All brand fragrances are unisex.