Nasomatto can rightfully be called one of the most avant-garde perfume brands of our time, which, moreover, has become a symbol of true friendship for everyone who is familiar with its history. Nasomatto attracts connoisseurs of niche fragrances with a wide range of unique compositions. Although there are only 10 bottles in the collection, even a very demanding and sophisticated person can find what he or she is looking for among them. 

We offer Nasomatto perfume samples and cologne decants to  those who want to expand their fragrance collection with the aroma that perfectly emphasizes their inner world.

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Nasomatto is one of the most original perfumes, each of which has a special highlight. Interestingly, the collection is represented by fragrances, the stories of which, one way or another, are interconnected. At the same time, each eau de toilette is full of originality and individuality, sometimes even surprising with its unpredictability. And having collected the whole aroma collection, you will understand how unusual and ornate the colognes intertwine with each other, surprising with balance and harmony. To develop such a perfume sample range is the high creativity that the Nasomatto brand has revealed to the world.

From the Start

One day a young Italian named Alessandro decided to attend a cologne course. This was a turning point in his life – there were many fragrant essences and extracts around, which he carefully studied together with his friend Arteretto. They spent many hours together studying the creation of fragrances and composing original compositions. At first it seemed that these people had nothing in common at all, but they were united by the main thing – a passion for creating colognes.

Later, for some time, they diverge from the path, Alessandro creates fragrances for large concerns and famous brands, but one way or another, over time, they unite again to create their own personal, special aroma brand.

This is how the Nasomatto perfume collection, presented for the first time in 2007 in Amsterdam, was published. The company has been waiting for a rapid success since the first days of its existence and now it is a real leader among manufacturers of niche perfumes.

Nowadays Aroma Story

The basis of each composition is a high–concentration extract. Conquering with their uniqueness from the very first notes, the compositions open smoothly and majestically, merging with the skin of their wearer. The fragrances from the Nasomatto collection will appeal to those who want to move away from traditions and standards. This is a delight of the sense of smell for people who value freedom of choice and breadth of views. Nasomatto eau de toilette is strikingly different from the products of other luxury and even niche brands – once you get acquainted with these redolences, you will not want to give them up.

Each Nasomatto fragrance has a certain mystery, mysticism, they are all filled with magnetic attractive power. It is impossible to convey in words the whole range of emotions that touches the soul when a light trail of Nasomatto colognes reaches the sense of smell! But that’s what the author intended – for the compositions to conquer with their magic and sensuality.

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Nasomatto perfume is a kind of passport to the world of luxury, pleasure, harmony and original beauty. Slightly daring and somewhat provocative, holistic and refined, these perfumes will easily become a part of the whole look. Order samples decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle and feel special and unique wherever you are.