It is difficult to surprise a modern fashionista even with an original fragrance. It’s all about fashion – it dictates its own rules. In addition, everyone always wants to be different and often chooses a fragrance to suit their own mood. Of course, it is difficult to find something new, refined and at the same time not painful for your budget, but it is possible.

We offer Kajal perfume samples and cologne decants to  those who want to expand their fragrance collection with the aroma that perfectly emphasizes their inner world.

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The Kajal is a fairly young company that has embarked on the development of selective perfumes. Like many others, Kajal, from the creation of the first fragrance in 2014 to the present, is looking for its own way. Its most striking characteristic, in addition to the excellent quality and expressiveness of colognes, can be considered the decentralization of production. Thus, the brand’s sales offices and production facilities are located in the United Arab Emirates, while the marketing and developers of perfume samples are concentrated in Toronto, Canada, and the brand itself is registered in Paris. This gives the company’s specialists an opportunity to look at the problem of creating truly unique flavors from opposite sides.

About Debut Perfume

With this approach, the company manages to come up with interesting variations and unusual, really niche compositions reflecting combinations of world perfume traditions. And an example of this is the delightful female cologne Kajal. The debut aroma composition for beautiful ladies is composed taking into account the three-stage disclosure and has a floral and, as expected, oriental character. The fragrance is strong, it can be used for a special evening or to create a special mood during the day.

About the Brand Name

The idea of the Kajal brand is based on two consonant words. Kindness towards people, modesty and humility are combined in the Arabic concept of khajal. On the other hand, khajal, or otherwise kohl is the name of an Indian eyeliner, an analogue of a modern cosmetic pencil. Using this natural paint to decorate yourself has a ceremonial meaning, can protect against bad thoughts and the evil eye, gives the look a special depth and charm. Perfumers wanted to give the same properties to the fragrance.

The Main Motive

Reading the composition of the pyramid and thinking about the history of the brand, you wonder what is more in Kajal women’s colognes — east or west? Mixing the aroma traditions of different countries, taking into account the interests and tastes of different consumers, the developers have created an unusual mix: on the one hand, the fragrance does not have the audacity of an oriental bazaar with an abundance of pepper notes; on the other hand, for all its subtle balsamic dustiness, it is European-proportioned. There are no protruding and voluminous accents in Kajal, it is smooth and perfectly balanced.

Buy Kajal Samples from Decant Store

All aroma compositions are unique in their own way and loved by both Eastern and Europeans customers. The brand’s perfumes are luxurious, traditional, high-quality and at the same time modern, made in accordance with the latest trends. With a high level of creativity, the brand also approached the creation of a decent packaging for the Kajal women’s fragrance. Order aroma samples decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle and you will get a mysterious fragrant liquid flashes with a bluish glow that you can try on with your favorite clothes.