Fragrant bouquets of Juliette has a Gun will appeal to all fans of real emotions, sincere feelings, vivid experiences and fiery passion. Each perfume goes through a long and thorny path of creation, that’s why Juliette has a Gun perfume samples turn out to be so high-quality, bright and memorable. Originality and exclusivity are the main qualities of Romano Ricci fragrances. 

We offer Juliette has a Gun perfume samples and cologne decants to  those who want to expand their fragrance collection with the aroma that perfectly emphasizes their inner world.

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From the first notes of cologne compositions you will hear a subtle play of individuality and unpredictability. The brand’s fragrances have some magical features that incredibly attract and entice, making us immerse ourselves in the world of sensual pleasure. It’s no secret that modern ladies symbolize elegance, independence and romance, this is what Romano Ricci fragrances convey. 

The Story of a Perfumer

Being born into a famous family quite often determines the fate of a person who then follows in the footsteps of his famous relatives. So it happened with Romano Ricci, the founder of the aroma brand Juliette has a Gun. The history of his family is a whole story about the unsurpassed world of fashion, magnificent traditions, luxurious colognes and impeccable styles.

Romano Ricci is the grandson of Robert Ricci, who created the legendary aroma composition L’air du Temps, and he is also the great-grandson of Nina Ricci – so famous that any representations here will be superfluous.

From early childhood, Romano was surrounded by an aura of creativity, fashion and beauty. Spending almost all the time at the perfumery of his grandfather Robert Ricci, later the future founder of Juliette has a Gun shared his memories: “At the age of 10, my grandfather discovered the world of fragrances for me and told me how aroma compositions are created. I am immensely grateful to him that since childhood he has developed my sense of smell, revealed many secrets and shared his own aromatic idea. None of the following hobbies were able to erase these invaluable lessons from memory.”

The Way to Success

In 2006, Romano Ricci used all his accumulated knowledge, all his strength and capabilities to open his own perfume house Juliette has a Gun. He wanted to present to the world and, in particular, to the beautiful half of humanity a completely new, unique universe in which romantic mood and tenderness would harmoniously intertwine with independence, strength and love of freedom. 

The Brand Name Origin

Romano Ricci uses the immortal Shakespearean work “Romeo and Juliet” as the leading concept. Just imagine: the innocent, fragile Juliet suddenly came to life, and found herself armed in the XXI century. A pistol is an allegory by which the owner of a company means a fragrance – accurately shooting and always hitting the target. The heroine of the brand is bright and extraordinary, she follows her own path everywhere, she always has individuality and discouraging femininity in the foreground.

Shortly after the foundation of the aroma house Juliette has a Gun, 2 perfumes were presented to the world: Miss Charming and Lady Vengeance. Romano Ricci worked together with the great and talented Francis Kurkidzhan to create these compositions. All the following fragrances were created by the founder of the perfume house independently.

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At the moment, the collection of the perfume company is represented by 27 fragrances, many of which Romano Ricci himself prefers to call episodes, since they embody certain stages of Juliet’s life and growing up. Also on the brand’s line there are several unisex compositions that are equally successful with both women and men. Just order aroma samples decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle and feel the weapon of seduction on your own skin.