The Frederic Malle perfume brand dates back to 2000 and is an example of perfumery art that combines inspiration, harmony and the highest professionalism of perfumer artists of the world. Frederic Mahl has set himself a goal: to create exclusive fragrances. At first it was 8 colognes from different masters: experienced, world-renowned and beginners, but talented. And the 9th was created back in the 50s by the legendary Edmond Rudnitsky and was originally intended for only one woman in the world – the perfumer’s wife. It is called Le Parfum de Therese after the one that was intended.

We offer Frederic Malle perfume samples and cologne decants to  those who want to expand their fragrance collection with the aroma that perfectly emphasizes their inner world.

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For the first time in many years, perfumers were able to unleash their imagination, without any financial or marketing restrictions. This is how 19 unique fragrance samples appeared, which managed to become classics and a real MUST HAVE for perfume connoisseurs. Therefore, the fragrances of the Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle collection turned out to be the most original and luxurious in the entire perfume market. Each cologne is a work of art and has its own unique history.

About the Creator

The son of the famous Edmond Rudnitsky – Michel Roudnitska is one of the perfumers who are among the eight creators of the Frederic Malle brand fragrances. The son and his mother, Teresa Rudnitska, the only owners of the formula Le Parfum de Therese shared it with the owner of the brand, Frederic Malle, and now connoisseurs can enjoy the aroma of this fragrant fruit chypre. Thus began the author’s perfume series Editions de Parfums under the leadership of its founder Frederick Malle. Now the collection has 19 masterpieces.

The creator of the brand is the grandson of Serge Eftler Louis, who founded Christian Dior Parfums with his friend: couturier Christian Dior and found the “philosopher’s stone” in the field of fragrances. Frederic Malle was not only in the company of elite French perfumers from a young age, but also worked a lot in this field himself.

Everything ingenious is simple!

A wonderful connoisseur and a fine connoisseur of perfumery, Frederic Malle followed the most natural and effective path: beyond the framework and any restrictions, including financial ones, he offered eight of the best perfumers in the world to realize their cherished dreams, which was brilliantly successful. Having received full freedom of creativity, people of high art create masterpieces: and so it turned out. One after another, fragrances were born and continue to be born, each of which is a rare work that carries the idea of simplicity and integrity.

The unusual interior reminds of an improved stylish bunker or a laboratory where secret potions are invented. Clear, even lines, elongated flasks, exhibited in the ranks of the creations of great perfumers. By the way, the flask booths were created specifically for testing flavors!

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The creations invented by the best perfumers of our time and made up the Frederic Malle collection are very different and original. At the same time, they are all placed in stylish and elegant aroma bottles. These colognes evoke different emotions from admiration to respect. But you can merge with the fragrance and really understand its charm only by feeling it on your skin. All you need to do is to order samples decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle and immerse yourself in a world of the unexpected!