Dunhill is one of the most reputable and well-known manufacturers of smoking pipes and pipe tobacco in the world. Located in London, England, Dunhill has always been the flagship of English classics and constantly brought new ideas and technical discoveries to life. Their perfume is always modern, fashionable and combines only the most refined and artfully created fragrances that successfully emphasize the elegant rigor of real men and the exquisite charm of women. The company is undergoing rejuvenation, it is always on the crest of a wave, always modern and understandable to people in all countries and continents.

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Despite the course of history, wars and devastation, Dunhill has not changed its focus. He has always produced products only for influential people from the upper class. However, in order for products to be in consumer demand, it is not enough to set a high price, it is important to be a leader in manufacturing quality, in the uniqueness of the production recipe. Today, the most popular Dunhill products are the fragrances. Unlike the material objects necessary in everyday life, a perfume sample is a real work of art that gives rise to a lot of emotions and impressions. This fragrance suits the image of only wealthy nobles who do not care about the financial aspects of our lives, they are busy with the development of companies, improving their own lives and appearance. Dunhill colognes emphasize the independence of the individual in our world.

The History of Brand Formation

The history of the truly British and truly male Dunhill brand began in 1893 with the creation of a small family company that was engaged in the manufacture of all kinds of devices for riding. At the age of 21, Alfred was running his father’s company. Despite his young age, all employees of the company treated the young man with respect, as he surpassed his colleagues in mental qualities. When the first cars appeared on the streets of London in 1902, the founder of the brand decided to repurpose the family business for the production of accessories for motorists, having a huge impact on the formation of the style of an Englishman behind the wheel.

Nowadays, everything that is necessary for a modern man who has not lost the spirit of a gentleman is produced under the Dunhill brand: cufflinks, writing instruments, belts, briefcases, frames, perfume and sunglasses. The protagonists of the Dunhill colognes – laconic, impeccable, but not devoid of light irony – are actors Daniel Craig, Jude Law, Colin Farrell, Orlando Bloom. Accessories of the Dunhill brand were used by royals, famous politicians, diplomats, artists, in particular Prince Charles of Wales, Pablo Picasso, Frank Sinatra.

Alfred Dunhill Perfumery 

The first Alfred Dunhill fragrance with a woody-spicy composition was released in 1934 under the name Alfred Dunhill for Men. Laconic, elegant and masculine, it immediately gained popularity and became a classic of men’s colognes. Since then, more than two dozen compositions have been created, each of which is unique and inimitable. For example, Desire Blue aroma sample with light fougere-green notes is very popular, will suit a true gentleman. The fragrance is versatile and convenient for daily use.

Dunhill is the eau de toilette of the oriental fougere family with a spicy scent, original and refined, with an individual character. Dunhill Black is a perfume for businessmen with a strict ambre, made in the best traditions of the classics. 

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