The American company Coach today produces luxury accessories, shoes, clothes and colognes. In 2007, the first fragrance was introduced, developed in collaboration with Estee Lauder. The line of Coach branded perfumes, as well as collections of clothing and accessories, reflects the brand’s corporate identity, combining sophistication, elegance and airiness in every detail.  The creators often experiment, creating a real masterpiece of perfumery art. That is why Coach perfume samples are so popular with creative personalities who are ready to open up to everything new.

We offer Coach perfume samples and cologne decants to  those who want to expand their fragrance collection with the aroma that perfectly emphasizes their inner world.

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The Story of Success 

There are companies that are famous for their success. The logo on the product already testifies to the quality and high position, that what happened to the American Coach brand. It all started in 1941 with a small workshop where six workers made leather bags. Within a few years, the workshop was considered the leading manufacturer of leather accessories in New York. Today, the staff consists of 17,000 professionals who create clothes, shoes, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics for women and men.

In 2017, the company bought a brand of designer clothing and luxury shoes in order to expand the audience of customers. Immediately after that, the concern changed its name on the stock market – Tapestry. Inc. appeared. Coach perfumery has found its fans worldwide, as these are unusual fragrances of different groups with individual sound and impressive durability.

About the Brand Concept

The brand actively supports sexual minorities, which is why its corporate equality index has been 100% for three years in a row. The founders plan to keep this indicator further. Feminist principles are also welcomed in the company: 69% of employees are women, among them 54% hold senior positions. A tolerant atmosphere contributes to the creation of high-quality products, their image and success among customers.

The company’s logo is an image of a coachman on a horse-drawn carriage. It can be found on all products (leather accessories, clothing, perfumes). The fragrances are complemented with gold-colored metal labels on a neat chain, on which the brand name is engraved. Transparent glass or metal aroma bottles look expensive, their appearance and content correspond to the price of Coach eau de toilette.

The diversity of Coach perfumes

Coach colognes have a bright American style and a thirst for innovation, so their fragrances can hardly be called classic. If you want to emphasize your bright character, take a closer look at the perfume, which can be found in our aroma shop. Each cologne is individual: dynamic Coach The fragrance will suit young modern girls, luxurious and deep Coach Signature Rose D’Or will decorate the image of a confident and strong woman, and romantic and sensual Coach Love will appeal to gentle natures. In addition to eau de toilette, the company creates perfumery cosmetics: creams, lotions and shower gels. If you need a present, then a set with a beautiful cosmetic bag, designed in the same style, will be a good option.

Buy Coach Perfume Samples from Decant Store

The perfume products offered by Coach are concentrated in the heart of the USA – in New York, but our customers can order luxury products in our online store. You can buy a collection or limit yourself to one aroma product from the series. From the smell of leather, to the most fashionable fragrances it will definitely be the right choice. But if you have difficulties in choosing a perfume sample, you can always contact us for help! We are ready to present all possible sizes hand decanted from the authentic perfume bottle right here and right now.