In order to feel like a royal person, it is not necessary to be born of blue blood. Perfume is one of the ways to get closer to the amazing world of fragrances that not everyone can wear. The Clive Christian brand is the real embodiment of maddening luxury, diversity and wealth, reflected in chic design elements, exciting and unsurpassed perfume scents. Clive Christian perfume samples reveal the secret of sophistication and chic, not in things, but in a person’s state of mind.

We offer Clive Christian perfume samples and cologne decants to those who want to expand their fragrance collection with the aroma that perfectly emphasizes their inner world.

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Niche, that is, luxury perfumery is the so-called high fashion for fragrances. Feelings and emotions are what drives a connoisseur who listens to a particular composition for the first time. Especially when it comes to the British aristocratic brand Clive Christian, whose fragrances are like works of art. It unites several companies dating back more than 100 years, and is distinguished by its magnificent, luxurious products. The history of the brand creation is not quite ordinary, and to be more precise, it certainly does not look like any other. In addition to creating the most expensive perfumes in the world, the brand is engaged in the manufacture of exclusive furniture, elite porcelain products, interior items created in the best classical traditions of Great Britain.

About the Brand Heritage

The founder of the  house Clive Christian from a young age aspired to a decent life. Having received an education and mastered the basics of scientific work, in 1980 he bought an old furniture manufacturing company. Clive designed all the decor elements himself. Chic leather armchairs, vintage decorative trim, comfortable sofas – all this could be purchased in his salon. The freshness and originality of the ideas soon attracted many wealthy fans of true luxury.

Subsequently, Clive decided to turn his attention to the sophisticated fragrance industry. After all, it is the spirits that determine a person’s mood, his views on the world, attitude to others. In his aroma compositions, Clive wanted to adhere to the same chic as in the furniture industry. So he acquired an old cologne brand Crown Perfumery, which was once marked by the queen herself and therefore has a symbol of imperial greatness on all aroma bottles – a radiant crown.

Inside Every Aroma Bottle

Clive Christian colognes give a special inspiration, a sense of triumph and self-sufficiency. The fragrance radiates confidence, belonging to the world of high fashion and bohemian culture. After a decade of modernization, Clive Christian perfume has become a perfection. They are harmonious and unique, the fragrance is worthy of those who know a lot about luxury and beautiful life. The most expensive ingredients are used in the production of colognes for men and women, as this is a kind of investment in your perfume collection.

Buy Clive Christian Perfume Samples from Decant Store

Now Clive Christian produces perfumes that are rightfully considered the most expensive and respectable in the world. Limited editions of the fragrances were presented in bottles decorated with gold and diamonds. They were included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive perfumes in the world. Now Crown Perfumery under the leadership of Clive Christian is the embodiment of absolute luxury, created for connoisseurs of high perfumery and impeccable, royal quality. If you are ready to open your soul to this cologne you can order this selective perfume of preferred size in our online store, spending less money and saving time searching for the desired fragrance right here and right now.