Clinique, the first cosmetic brand developed by dermatologists that is included in the American Academy of Dermatology Convention. The distinctive feature is that the products do not contain perfumes and are thoroughly tested for allergies. During the last 50 years, many interesting events have happened in the company that have changed the world of cosmetics and self-care. Clinique colognes have been produced relatively recently. All fragrances contain high-quality natural ingredients. 

We offer Clinique perfume samples and cologne decants to those who want to expand their fragrance collection with the aroma that perfectly emphasizes their inner world.

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From the Roots

In 1968, the permanent editor of American Vogue, Carol Phillips, decided to write a material about dermatology and cosmetology. To do this, she interviewed a practicing dermatologist Norman Orentrek. The main idea of the doctor was: genetics does not matter much and anyone can be helped to find beautiful skin.

The article became a real sensation and was awarded the front page, because at that time cosmetic brands offered only to mask flaws, and not to eliminate them. The founders of the Estee Lauder brand noticed this material and suggested that the duo of Norman and Carol together develop a line of advanced facial skin care products. They turned out to be a brilliant team: the doctor started developing formulas and testing products, and Miss Philips, using her many years of experience in a glossy magazine, designed goods for sale, it was then that the legendary floral ornament of packaging was invented.

The new brand began its development with the help of the journalist’s efforts who perfectly knew all the subtleties of how to sell a product to consumers, and a doctor of medical sciences. As a result, the concept of a new dermatological line of cosmetic products for skin care was formed. 

What is the difference between Clinique and other brands fragrances?

A unique technology of three-stage skin care and the so-called “Clinique computer” was also created. Today, many large cosmetology companies use this principle as the basis of their work and the formation of new solutions to promote their products on the world market. The logical conclusion of such cooperation turned out to be a unique advertising strategy, which has been carefully adhered to by Clinique for more than forty years. So, the focus is always on the product, not the famous person who advertises it.

About the Aroma Concept

The launch of the Clinique perfume line is a stand-alone direction that the company is developing. The brand philosophy is still  “beauty is health”. The fragrance collection flatters all the tastes. The very first of the colognes, Aromatics Elixir, was made so that the fragrance had a beneficial therapeutic effect. This female chypre composition pleases the sense of smell of ladies even today. The combination of jasmine, lily of the valley and ylang-ylang with notes of citrus in Aromatics Elixir tones, gives lightness, lifts the mood, suggests pleasant thoughts. Aromatics Elixir creates a light, pleasant mood, and distracts from negative thoughts. For the first time, the advertising campaign of this fragrance took place with the participation of people expressing various manifestations of happiness from tears of joy to unrestrained fun and all intermediate states. Previously they performed only the product.

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The current fragrance collection includes seven women’s aroma bottles and one men’s. A light floral fragrance complemented by sea freshness, or a rich spicy aroma with oriental notes. Fresh citrus notes together with delicate floral shades, familiar in Clinique perfume, will not cease to excite consciousness. Just order samples of the preferred size, hand decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle and give yourself a chance to be a part of pure innovations.