Almost everyone has heard about the Cartier perfume – it is known and popular all over the world. This brand of elite eau de toilette is represented by classic and original fragrances. Cartier colognes are so diverse that every person will be able to find what he or she is looking for in an aroma bottle. Choosing this brand, you can be sure that the presented perfume samples will add a special charm to your whole lifestyle.

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Cartier perfume is chosen by those who prefer the most sophisticated fragrance. This French brand has become widely known for its unique jewelry, but today the company also produces scents. After the company decided to launch the aroma line, many jewelry connoisseurs began to closely monitor the progress of the French manufacturer. By this time, the whole world was used to the fact that everything that bears this name is distinguished by impeccable quality and excellent taste.

Brand Heritage

Louis-Francois Cartier, the founder of the eponymous brand, was named the king of jewelers. The future couturier was born in 1819, in the family of a French artisan. Even in early childhood, Louis-Francois showed a craving for art, so his parents sent the boy as an apprentice to the famous Parisian jeweler Adolphe Picard. In 1847, having comprehended the secrets of jewelry craftsmanship, Cartier bought the workshop from his teacher and began working on private orders. Years later, he became known as the best jeweler in France. Among his regular customers were the most famous people of that time. But soon the Cartier brand became a symbol of refined perfumes for women and men.

Since the beginning of the 80s, Cartier has been producing a line of luxurious fragrances, invariably enclosed in bottles of amazing beauty. His aroma creations are distinguished by a bold and original style, harmony of images, fascinating bouquets of fragrances. These colognes are as unique as the jewelry of this brand.

Who is the one to wear Cartier?

Cartier perfume has won the hearts of thousands of women and men around the globe. It is chosen by people who are inclined to classics, have good taste and love for traditions. Representatives of the French brand have repeatedly stated that their products are created for those who need the best. There are financial crises in the world, presidents are leaving, governments are changing, but for more than 150 years the name Cartier has remained synonymous with quality, luxury and always modern classics.

The representative of the stronger half will also be pleased – Cartier men’s eau de toilette is represented by numerous fragrances today. The collection of men’s fragrances is unique and will fully reflect the masculinity and confidence of its owner. A line of charming floral perfumes has been created for women, decorating even better than flashy jewelry.

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