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The collection of elite perfumes Bond No. 9 comes from the USA. They were created as a tribute to the big city and have nothing to do with the famous spy. Back in 2003, Loris Rame decided to create her own business after 25 years devoted herself to selling eau de toilette from Annick Goutal and Lancome. She began by renting a small room at No. 9 Bond Street and setting up a modest perfume salon where she intended to sell her products. Without hesitation, Loris named her trademark Bond No. 9.

A few years later, the brand was noticed. And this is not surprising at all. Thanks to her exceptional natural talent and many years of work experience, Loris Rama managed to feel the atmosphere of the whole of New York and each of its districts in particular. Each scent from the brand is an ode to your favorite city. Bond Perfume No. 9 is an extravagant challenge for women and men who love originality and  style.

The collection includes more than 36 fragrances that may drive you crazy. All of them reveal an unprecedented mood and give a sense of determination and courage. All the fragrances are unique and reflect the uncompromising nature of a big city. 

Inside the Bottle

This brand is relatively young. Thanks to the unusual concept, funny design and exclusive aroma compositions these bottles immediately intrigued perfume lovers. Typical bottles in the form of a stylized starfish attract at first glance, but even more tempting are the exceptional compositions of aromatic essences. The selection of individual ingredients creates a luxurious, refined fragrance full of life and energy.

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The offered range is very rich and includes dozens of different flavors. Express yourself with original fragrances and show your individuality. All scents of the series are produced in the classic incredibly resistant concentration of 18-22%. Try Bond perfume no. 9 by clicking one button. Order a sample of needed size and let your personality manifest itself completely.