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Azzaro is a new era in perfume creativity. It’s more than an aroma sample— it’s a concept. Loris Azzaro is the legendary, unforgettable, hedonistic creator. His fragrances represent a certain way of thinking: classics for all times and brightness as a lifestyle. To be desired means to arouse the desire and envy of others.

Creator’s Path to Fame

The love story of Loris Azzaro starts at the moment when the aspiring designer met his future wife – a famous French model of the 1950s of the last century. It was she who for many years became his muse, faithful companion and business partner. Thanks to their unique creative union, the well-known trademark was born in the mid-1960s. Today, Loris is, first of all, bright and memorable perfume compositions that extol to the heavens the eternal values of life – love, sincerity, natural beauty and femininity.

His fame was brought by magnificent dresses for the elite of French society. He has never released an haute couture collection and has not been in a High Fashion Syndicate, he just created. Loris Azzaro died of cancer at the age of 71 in 2003. Vanessa Seward became the art director of the Azzaro house after the designer’s death.

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This perfume stands out not only by the sophistication of the selected aroma notes, but also by the fact that the owner feels his own world, known only to himself. The master of the brand despised conventions, and therefore the perfumery of his line in new developments had noticeable differences from existing fragrance analogs. The creative genius was as unpredictable in his creative motives as the human soul. Just order perfume samples and decants and allow yourself to immerse the spiritual freedom of a person.