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Atelier Cologne is the name of an American perfume house of niche perfumery that creates eau de toilette based on Italian classic cologne. The authors of the brand are the most talented perfumers Christophe Servacel and Sylvie Ganter, who have created a series of unique fragrances combining classics, impeccable style and innovative technologies. The brand’s extraordinary fragrances are imbued with a love of perfumery, dynamic and emotional life. They do not have random fragrances, each of them is unique, having its own history, where memories, fantasies, feelings and emotions are embedded.

A Few Aroma Facts

Christophe Servacel is a perfumer, Sylvie Ganter is a chemist: their passion has always been scents, they have created not only their own house, but also a family home in which everyone is warm and cozy. Christophe lives and works in Paris, and Sylvia lives in New York. All they do is distinguished by the presence of natural oils, which, thanks to careful cleaning, give the composition a bright durability and tenderness of sound. 

Inside the Bottle

At the heart of each of the brand’s fragrances is a certain, more often a love story, told in the language of perfume notes and chords. Almost all the fragrances begin with citrus notes, which are favorite for the founders of the brand, but the result of each composition is always different. There are cheerful aromas in which, in combination with citrus, notes of fruit and floral chords sing a melody about a hot and cheerful summer. And there are autumn ones with traditional warm notes that warm both in winter evenings and in autumn coolness. There are no basic notes in classic cologne. In toilet water, on the contrary, they are contained in a strong concentration. 

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