Armaf is an authentic depiction of the modern and vivacious fashion sense of the 21st century. Resuscitating the art of perfumery and complementing its extravagance with contemporary style, Armaf has established itself as the epitome of perfection and sophistication. Its perfumes hold a diverse mix of the world’s most inspiring scents and smells; eventually, begetting fragrances that can appeal to everyone. The stellar fragrances are designed specifically, in a niche setting, to conjure a unique aura and persona that can complement the distinctive nature of every wearer. Satiating the demands of contemporary feels, Armaf takes immense pride in the efforts that are put to intricately prepare each and every one of its perfumes.

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Armaf is a perfume brand taking its roots in the United Arab Emirates. It specializes in creating high-quality men’s and women’s luxury perfume. The history of the origin began in 1963, although the first fragrances were released only in 2014.

From Thorns to Stars

A trader from India, Fakhruddin Ibrahimji, found himself on the waves of his dreams in the developing city of Dubai. The dynasty still holds the helm in the direction of quality. His brother, Mohammed Fakhruddin, continues to run a world-famous company. The best and the most talented masters carefully selected the composition, where each component would convey the spirit, power, mystery and attractiveness of Oriental traditions. 

So, in 2014, the first 2 perfumes were presented to the public: women’s Myst and men’s Oro Limited Edition. These aromas quickly won the recognition and love of their consumers. The whole collection was announced to the public in 2015. It is known under the name Armaf Luxe Collection. The collection included such magnificent fragrances as Aura, Craze, Voyage and Voyage Bleu. All of them are designed for men, but they are distinguished by their style and character: woody-spicy, fougere, oriental. Gradually, the company released its new creations, in which citrus, fruit, floral and aldehyde chords sounded.

Secrets of success

The main secret of the popularity of all the brand’s products is the use of ancient recipes in combination with the latest technologies. This allows the most experienced perfumers to create elegant and unique compositions that find their fans in all corners of the world. The fragrances harmoniously combine modernity, the latest trends of the perfume world and the best Oriental traditions.

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