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Agatho Parfum is a new niche Italian perfume brand of high perfumery, based on the oldest traditions of creating elite fragrances. The first product of the line was released in 2019. The romantic overture of Maurizio Cerizza fragrances is woven from the exciting Mediterranean sea breeze, shades of exotic plants and the astringency of ripening citrus plantations.

Brand History: from Ancient Pompeii to The Age of High Technology

It was in ancient Pompeii that the famous master perfumer Agatha created aroma compositions for the Roman aristocracy. Maurizio Cerizza is the creator of the Agatho Parfum line, a hereditary perfumer whose childhood and youth were surrounded by divine aromas of essential oils. In the middle of the last century, his father Aurelio Cerizza founded one of the first SPA centers, in the procedures of which the aromas of esters extracted from flowers, plants, and fruits were used.

Continuing the work of his ancestors, Maurizio gradually accumulated a wealth of knowledge while studying at the prestigious Roure Perfumery School. He studied the best traditions of cologne creation, founded by the famous master perfumer Agato, who created perfumes and eau de toilette for the aristocracy of the ancient city of Pompeii.

For 20 years, Cherizza has become the creator of more than a hundred fragrances, has worked with leading world brands, including Cale Fragranze D’Autore. Finally, in 2019, he decided to create his own line of Agato, and the inspiration for the production of the first cologne was the famous fresco depicting the majestic dome of Pompeii.

Features of Fragrances

Emotions evoked by imagination and freedom without restrictions – this is how the creator formulates the impression of fragrances, which are revealed by languid motifs of oriental scents. You may feel the creamy smell of bitter almonds, floral shades of jasmine and damask rose, fragility of orange blossom petals, tartness of patchouli resin. Vanilla and sunny notes of yellow mandarin delight the sense of smell with bright flashes.

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This masterpiece is not for the mass consumer and is not so often found in online stores at a bargain price. They are exclusive and designed for true gourmets. In order to seal the bouquet, the capsules of the bottles are created manually from porcelain, and the packaging takes the consumer back to the times when natural eau de toilette was a luxury available to the ancient Roman aristocracy. We are ready to help you understand the absolute uniqueness of this fragrance by ordering samples in your preferred size, hand decanted from the original authentic perfume bottle.