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Byredo brand was established by Ben Gorham in Stockholm in Sweden in 2006. Centering around quality and fragrance, Byredo’s perfumes are exclusively and meticulously prepared in Sweden. Designed specifically for the tastes and wants of niche perfume connoisseurs, Byredo’s fragrances come alive because of the sheer creativity of the creator and an unparalleled approach to forming a fragrance. Most of his collections are inspired by Gorham’s own versatile experiences of the intricacies of the world. Using simple yet authentic formulas, Gorham seeks to stir feelings about places and scents associated with them. Byredo’s Palermo for ladies is a reflection of Palermo, Sicily. Bal d’Afrique’s draws inspirations from Paris and its inhabitants’ interest in the African culture, workmanship and music. Similarly, Green tries to reinvoke Gorham’s memories of his father. 

Perfume samples and hand-prepared decants are also offered by Byredo here.