Byredo brand was established by Ben Gorham in Stockholm in Sweden in 2006. Centering around quality and fragrance, Byredo’s perfumes are exclusively and meticulously prepared in Sweden. Designed specifically for the tastes and wants of niche perfume connoisseurs, Byredo’s fragrances come alive because of the sheer creativity of the creator and an unparalleled approach to forming a fragrance. Most of his collections are inspired by Gorham’s own versatile experiences of the intricacies of the world. Using simple yet authentic formulas, Gorham seeks to stir feelings about places and scents associated with them. Byredo’s Palermo for ladies is a reflection of Palermo, Sicily. Bal d’Afrique’s draws inspirations from Paris and its inhabitants’ interest in the African culture, workmanship and music. Similarly, Green tries to reinvoke Gorham’s memories of his father.

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Continuing the stories about niche perfumes, we could not ignore Byredo, originally from Sweden with its original fragrances and minimalistic, but very noticeable bottles on the shelves of stores that won the hearts of the customers. Our online decant store is also not an exception as these fragrances have become a real discovery in the world of European niche perfumery. Do not hesitate to flatter yourself with an aroma sample of the preferred size to have the first impression of this brand.

About the Brand

The brand mostly creates unisex variants, but of course it has several options only for men or only for women. For example, Baudelaire Byredo is a men’s fragrance with notes of incense and leather, and Blanche Byredo with aldehydes and musk is created only for women, both were released in 2009.

Inside the Aroma Bottle

Creating his novelties, Ben Gorham does not resort to using any colognes. In his interviews he says that this distracts from creating exclusive scents that will not repeat those already available in his collections or those of competitors. Ben calls it  memories. And indeed, any spirit will take you to a certain time, a certain city and create certain associations. Ben recreates the atmosphere of a rainy day, a place where he walked on hot sand, a romantic evening on Christmas Eve and many other moments that are part of his life, but the lives of some people are similar, so he has found many like-minded people around the world who love and respect his perfumes.

Ben managed to create classic fragrances in transparent bottles with a black lid, as well as a small line of Eau De Cologne, the distinctive feature of which is an elongated bottle, the Night Veil Collection line in dark bottles and Oliver Peoples & Byredo limited edition summer fragrances and sunglasses.

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Would you like to try Byredo perfume? We can offer you to start with perfume samples and decants of Rose Of No Man’s Land. The perfumed water is intended for men and women, the oriental-spicy composition reminds the aromas of Turkish rose, pink pepper and raspberry flower with notes of papyrus. These colognes are the real magic, love at first sight and love for yourself, because it’s a pleasure to use such a fragrance and a confession of feelings to your own image.