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Al Haramain appeared in 1970 in the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. It produces niche segment compositions of oil perfumes in high concentrationы aimed at both men and women. Therefore, everyone can easily find their ideal range which will perfectly emphasize the inherent beauty of each person.

Brand Vision of The Aroma World

The company’s key approach to its products is incredibly refined, as specialists treat it like liquid gold poured into precious vessels. This fragrance stands out for its excellent originality, environmental friendliness and unsurpassed quality. The composition of perfumes includes only natural ingredients like flower extracts, extracts of herbs and natural oils.

This gave a serious impetus to the spread of the brand’s products not only in the Middle East, but also beyond its borders. They charmed both the countries of the Old World and distant America. Fragrant compositions conquer beauty and mystery, inspired by solar magic.

Features of Fragrances

The flower series is based on trembling hyacinths, delicate daffodils, refined irises, charming lilies of the valley, and magical roses. They seem to surround you with an aura of purity and freshness, give you a smile and an excellent mood. In addition, the manufacturer takes care of the health of consumers by releasing perfumes containing agarwood oil, which is a powerful natural aphrodisiac and has a rejuvenating effect.

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These fragrances received a decent reputation all over the world providing sexuality, intrigue, romance and creativity to their owners. Aromatic compositions are distinguished by their diversity. Here you can find refined European options, delicate and oriental sweet variants for women or heavy-weight notes for men. To join the rank, you just need to decide whether you wish to start with samples or decants by ordering from our site the size that suits you most.