So, what exactly is it we do? What is it you will receive?

The secret is in the name. We decant the original perfume into smaller, more manageable and affordable spray bottle.

Our decanting process is accurate and uses the best possible equipment to ensure the finished product is as perfect as if it were in its original container. We aren’t just in it for the service; we absolutely adore the perfume industry and are passionate about making it more accessible.

We ship using glass bottles.

For our 1ml products, we supply these in 1ml glass Vials.

For our 2ml products, we supply these in a 2ml glass spray Atomiser.

For our 3ml products, we supply these in a 5ml glass spray Atomiser.

For our 5ml products, we supply these in a 5ml glass spray Atomiser.

Likewise, our 10ml products are decanted into a 10ml glass spray Atomiser.


It’s really important to note that we are in no way affiliated with any of the brands not are we endorsed by them. They do not sponsor us or support us in any way. Our service is independent of any association with the brands whose products we decant.

Obviously, the logos and the banners you will see on our website that relate to any brands belong to that brand and not us.

We are obliged by law not to copy or recreate any logos or trademarks and we are not allowed to infringe on their intellectual property rights.

The Decant Store website will always make it clear from the offset that the product we are supplying is the original product, repackaged. It will always be (unless we say otherwise) the real deal, genuine fragrance, repackaged.